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A business loan is a great way to start The term business loan is not a small concept but it contains a vast concept related to all categories of business. It can be on a small-scale, large-scale, or semi-scale level business. Some people want to get a business loan to broaden their business as well as the annual revenue generation capacity. This loan can be taken due to lots of reasons that are prevailing in the business. For example, if you want to launch a new product into the market but don't have enough capital for the production and distribution process. 50, this business loan help you out in this matter and you can easily implement your idea.

Similarly, after the implementation process, there are semi-scale business tasks, that need attention more because it consists of both qualities small and large. The maintenance work, hiring of labor force work, purchasing of raw material, new packaging, and printing strategy are major parts of such business. Therefore, all these goals can be achieved with the help of our clients: Investors/Family offices, Investment companies. After the investment, production, launching and advertising of a product, your business will grow faster, higher and smoother than before.

Business loans serve as a powerful tool to help fund, launch, and grow a small business. As a small business owner, you may be looking to secure financing to maintain business operations, expand locations, invest in new equipment, or hire mare employees. A business loan helps you achieve all this.

Services We Offer





We can arrange the following financing and investments for our clients:





• Venture Capital (Private, CVC, VC)

• Venture Capital

• Private Equity

• Funds (Technical, Development Agency) 

• Business Credit




• Grants & Subsidies

• Crowdfunding

• Microcredit

• Sponsoring

• Green Funding

• Factoring

• Peer to Peer Lending







Venture Capital Investor: we take care of extra dealflow, find a Co-Investor for new projects to expand the portfolio, recruit a new Venture Partner or find a new CEO for one of the companies you invest in.


Accelerator / Incubator: find investors that could be matched to one of your startups, deliver new startups to join your program, assist in finding interesting organizations to colloborate with.


Startup / Scaleup entrepreneur and  SME companies: connect you with interesting investors that have knowledge and experience, recruit a Co-Founder and/or team, finding business deals that will make your company grow.


Need Capital?

Please send us your Pitchdeck/Investordeck/Teaser if you are a Startup, ScaleUp or SME?!

We will review and revert our findings.  If we see chances for assisting you with raising Capital, we will contact you.


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