The projects we take on are multifaceted. You can think of projects in the areas of Financing, Human Resources and Business Development.
Here's how we can work with you and ensure growth:
Venture Capital Investor provide additional deal flow, connect you with an International Co-investor who will co-invest with you and/or with a new Venture Partner, help you find a new CEO for an organization in your portfolio.
Accelerator/Incubator: provide matching to investors for your startups, get additional startups to participate in your program, link your startups to interesting collaboration and/or knowledge partners:
Startup/Scaleup Entrepreneur and SME Company: connect you with suitable investors possessing knowledge and experience within your field, Recruit a Co-Founder and/or Team, take care of customer deals that grow your business.

Asset Servicing & Financial Intermediaries

Benefit from a pan European set-up and specialist network with teams in Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Added-Value services for Institutional and Professionals like Multi Family Offices, External Asset Managers, Investments Funds, Banks and Insurances to address their needs.

Expert Assistance

We offer expert assistance in accessing a wide range of diversified and high-quality services, providing professional and institutional clients with a pragmatic, modular and flexible approach, supported by local decision-making.



After we have established contact with you via email, social media platforms such as Linkedin or a webinar, we then like to meet with you via a phone conversation and/or conference (web) call.


Via Skype,, Google Hangouts or another Telecomminication platform of your choice, we would like to get to know you better in an introductory meeting.


In a second and/or third call, we will increasingly map out your needs and requirements and see how we can help you and work with you to find the solutions you need to do your job better.


After going through the legal formalities, such as signing a Non Disclosure Agreement and/or Momerandum Of Understanding, an offer that has been approved and signed by you, we work on results and successes that will help your company further in its mission. We will keep you regularly informed through reporting, consultation and take actions to deliver to you.